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Name: <3*-*-* AnAbEl*-*-*<3
Location: VeNiCe
Your Local Bands: ExPoSiTiOn
Your Favorite Bands: Thursday, Thrice, glassjaw,TBS,Norma Jean, ,my chemical romance,Saves The DAy etc....
Any upcoming shows?: i have no idea wats going on back home im on vacation<3
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1st one...Hell yeah!

Okay, here it goes:

Name: Brian De Loera
Age: 16
Location: Los Angeles
Your Local Bands: Le Joshua, Horse the Band, Exposition (:::wink wink:::) Werewolf with Robot Hands
Your Favorite Bands: The Blood Brothers, Saetia, Deftones, Glassjaw, Saosin, The Black Dahlia Murder, Horse the Band, Thursday, Circle Takes the Square, etc...
Any upcoming shows?: Too many too name, but I am going to Werewolf with Robot Hands at the troubadour
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